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About epitome

The word epitome means the embodiment of excellence. At epitome our mission is to blend excellence with innovation in the field of oral health.

Our company is dedicated to the research and development of life-changing advancements in health care.


“epitome has the potential to take oral health to a new level, innovating detection and cleaning of biofilm, elevates users to prevent future oral and systemic diseases.“

Egbert van Acht

Former CEO Health & Wellness at Royal Philips, included global Oral Health Care business (Sonicare)

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Your future oral healthcare routine

Did you know that the toothbrush has hardly changed in 600 years?
epitome e1 is not a toothbrush, it's an expression of innovation

Brand ambassadors

We will empower your smile

"This visionary technological concept offers, astonishing even to me as a professor, a new approach to oral health."
Dr. nat. techn. Reinhard Gruber
Professor of Oral Biology, Competence Center Oral Biology at the Medical University of Vienna
"With e1 it is realistically possible for the first time to make the paradigm shift from restorative to preventative dentistry."
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. med. univ. Barbara Cvikl
Chair of Conservative Dentistry Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna
Explore the world beyond the toothbrush

Explore the world beyond the toothbrush

Seize the opportunity to be among the first to experience this revolutionary product.