This is e1 the future of oral health

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two devices, one revolution

the world’s first oral health ecosystem

man using device

detection device

the first of its kind - detects hidden biofilm | plaque and gathers important wellness data in under 30 seconds¹

woman with the device

cleaning device

clean your teeth like a pro, removing up to 99%² of biofilm | plaque, in up to 30 seconds¹

couple smilling

data revealed

for the first time, a technology collects, assesses, and securely stores your wellbeing data³

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say goodbye to toothpaste

essence liquids display

nº1 essence

n°1 essence is intended to maintain healthy teeth and gums, helping to reveal the biofilm
essence liquids display

nº2 essence

n°2 essence enhances the cleaning efficacy and boosts the oral care in synergy with the cleaning device
mobile app
your wellbeing in the palm of your hand

1 cleaning duration depends on the jaw geometry, tooth orientation, and the amount of biofilm

2 referring to the detected tooth surface

3 the datapoints are referring to biofilm and staining on tooth, jaw, and mouth level, heart rate⁴, temperature⁴, oxygen saturation⁴, body composition⁴

4 this is not a medical device, the data collected is not intended for medical purposes or for diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, cure or prediction of disease

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